Clumio dives into the Data Protection as a Service market

Clumio unveiled a new cloud based backup service today and formally threw their hat into the Data Protection ring. Built from the cloud up, Clumio looks to expand upon the relatively new “as a service” model of Data Protection. Most of the major Data Protection players have focused on private cloud solutions and evolved into public cloud functionality. Clumio has built their service from the ground up in the public cloud as way to deliver backup as a service with the same simplicity that has been extremely successful for a variety of other products.

The goal is to allow customers to easily protect their virtualized environments at scale with a service that is simple to both use and consume across both private and public clouds. Clumio’s service runs within AWS at it’s inception, but they have created a Cloud Data Fabric that will allow their service to be run in multiple public cloud providers down the road. This seems like a big undertaking, but could help to provide longevity in a multi-cloud world.

With so many solutions available in today’s Enterprise IT landscape, Data Protection can become very complex. Clumio is looking to give customers the ability to easily protect data by simply deploying a cloud connector appliance within any type of supported environment and eventually allowing customers to decide which Cloud they would like to consume the service in.

The shift towards SaaS has been very successful for many products, but is relatively new in the world of Data Protection. Still, Clumio is not the first company to deliver a Data Protection product using this model. In speaking with Poojan Kumar, the CEO for Clumio, their differentiators are the ability of their product to perform at scale for Enterprise sized environments and the Cloud Data Fabric that will allow their service to run in multiple public clouds. Clumio was founded with this “cloud first” thinking in mind, so their product has been developed while taking all of these aspects into account from the ground up.

Stay tuned from more from Clumio in the near future as they help bring DPaaS to the forefront in this ever changing race to the Cloud. You will be able to find them at VMworld, and later in the year at re:Invent, so be sure to stop by to meet the team and learn more.

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